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Group Sponsored Financial Education Advisory Programs

Why Dorval & Chorne Financial Advisors?

Our firm works with mid to large size employers (100-10,000 employees) to not only provide online tools and resources, but to create a unique personal financial advisory experience with your employees.  Our experienced financial advisors are able to provide real world, independent advice and guidance, without any inherent conflicts of interest.  There are two main reasons employers select Dorval & Chorne to provide employee financial education and advice – personal attention and independence.

Personal attention means we go beyond seminars, basic literature, website tools, and computer models to directly connect with employees at a personal level. Our financial advisors work with your people on both a group basis through seminars and on an individual basis through direct one-on-one interaction. Our advisory contracts make us fiduciaries to your plan, which creates accountability for our advice. Our people are accessible through onsite individual meetings, e-mail, and phone calls. The phone numbers are direct to your firm’s primary advisors, not to a 1-800 number call center located on a different continent! 


Dorval and Chorne financial advisors are independent which is uncommon in the world of corporate level advice and eliminates both real and perceived conflicts of interest in working with employees.  Our independence is a big reason why your employees will trust our advice!
Personalized financial education and advice is what sets Dorval and Chorne apart!
Our Services
Our firm provides customized financial education and advice programs uniquely designed for each employer who utilizes our services:
  • Access to experienced financial advisors to provide personalized analysis and recommendations uniquely designed for your company.
  • On demand individual meetings, phone conversations, and/or e-mail interaction with employees to address financial questions or concerns as they come up.
  • Participant level asset allocation guidance and education.
  • Creation of model portfolios utilizing your specific retirement plan fund options.
  • Financial education seminars in a wide array of financial topics (customized for each relationship).
  • Internet (intranet) tools and resources including market commentaries and access to the electronic version of Mr. Dorval’s book, Financial Success for the Rest of Us: Reality Based Financial Planning for Mainstream America.

Employee Financial Education — Important Employee Benefit or Waste of Money?

The 2006 Pension Protection Act allows employers greater opportunities to provide their employees with investment advice from fiduciary advisors to their plan.  Our advisory agreements create a fiduciary standard for our advisors when dealing with your employees.  Many companies will choose not to provide a quality employee financial advice program because the benefits are largely intangible and difficult to quantify.  We believe companies pursuing a long term strategy of excellence incorporating best practices into their culture will decide to offer comprehensive employee financial education and advice that goes far beyond simple investment guidance into financial planning designed to improve employee decision making.  This is a win-win program for everyone involved.

Benefits to Employers:

Your employees are feeling financial pressure every day in trying to match limited financial resources with seemingly unlimited financial priorities. Studies have found up to 60% of employees feel moderate to high levels of financial stress (2004 Ameriprise Survey). Financial stress impacts your bottom line in the form of absenteeism, distraction, and illness. It is impossible to quantify the costs associated with poor financial health, but studies indicate the cost is substantial and, more often than not, the cost is far greater than the expense of offering a corporate level financial advisory program. The primary benefit to employers in offering a financial advice program is improving the financial health of your employees which can result in improving your bottom line! Some additional benefits may include:

  • Potential to reduce fiduciary liability associated with obligations as an ERISA plan sponsor.
  • Your Human Resources personnel receive financial questions from employees on a daily basis. Many of these questions involve issues the Benefits Department is not well suited to answer. Instead of spending valuable time dealing with these issues, employees could be referred to us for individual help. This approach may help reduce frustration for both the Benefits Department and your employees.
  • Potentially helps increase retirement plan participation rates.
  • Helps differentiate your company benefits package in regard to employee retention and recruitment. Studies indicate financial advice programs are a low cost, highly appreciated benefit!

 Benefits to Employees:

The benefits for employees are easy to understand:

  • Your employees gain a better understanding of the expensive benefit programs (particularly retirement plan offerings) you provide them. Better understanding results in greater appreciation! 
  • Employee retirement plan participation rates increase with greater awareness and knowledge—A lack of knowledge is a primary reason employees procrastinate in making important financial decisions.
  • Assistance with retirement plan asset allocation and diversification taking into account the person’s unique circumstances (we do not rely strictly on generic computer models!).
  • We help employees make better informed financial decisions which helps improve outcomes.
  • Creates a new, fundamentally different benefit that can fill a huge void in financial planning services currently offered to employees. Employees generally view this company “perk” as strictly an executive level benefit. 

You can learn more about the debate over employer provided financial education and advice by reading our white paper:  HERE