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Financial Planning for Individuals

The Financial Success Process™

Dorval and Chorne helps our clients enhance, protect, and perpetuate their financial well-being. We utilize a consistent planning process that adjusts to evolving client goals:

Our Advisory Portfolios

We design unique portfolios for our clients to help align their investments with their objectives. After going through a personal planning process together, we will help you construct an investment portfolio that helps match risk and return in relation to what you are trying to accomplish. 

Accumulation Portfolios: Designed for clients willing to tolerate more volatility for potentially higher returns. Growth plays a primary role with reduced volatility a secondary role.

Transition Portfolios: Designed for clients who have accumulated assets and are around 10-15 years from their goal (i.e. retirement). Growth and reduced volatility tend to play balanced roles in these portfolios.

Income Portfolios: Designed for clients who have reached a specific target date. These portfolios focus on principal protection where reduced volatility and income generation plays the primary role with growth a secondary role.

Our advisory portfolios are custom designed, fee based accounts appropriate for investors who have over $250,000 of investable assets. We systematically monitor and rebalance these accounts for all of our clients on a consistent basis. The advisory portfolios can adapt to the changing needs of an investor as they move through the Accumulation Phase of investing, into the Transition Phase, and then finally begin taking distributions from their accounts in the Income Phase.

For clients with under $250,000 of investable assets, we generally create mutual fund portfolios where our compensation can either be fee based or commission based depending on the needs of the client. We like to establish these accounts in portfolios that incorporate some form of automated monitoring and rebalancing by an independent third party such as Wilshire, Morningstar, or Ibbotson.
We always clearly explain how we will be compensated in all of our client relationships before any financial products or services are provided.