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MNA Financial Wellness Program

Welcome Minnesota Nurses Association RNs!  We are proud to introduce your new benefit sponsored by  MNA. The mission of the program is to help MNA members improve their overall financial well-being and increase the security of their financial future by providing access to a comprehensive source of independent, objective financial advice and planning.

Dorval & Chorne Financial Advisors has been working with MNA for more than a decade, addressing the unique financial needs and concerns of the members through seminars, white papers and one-on-one consultations. Dorval & Chorne has been an innovator in promoting and expanding the delivery of independent, objective financial advice to individuals and families without regard to their incomes or net worth. Their signature accomplishment has been the development of unique group financial advisory programs which have successfully expanded access to independent financial information, planning, and advice for thousands of people. The MNA Financial Wellness program is an evolution of the group advisory concept providing MNA members with greater access to independent and objective financial advice.

What you can expect from us:

Under the MNA Financial Wellness Program, MNA members will have access to the following benefits:

  •  Access to independent, objective advice and information from advisors experienced in working with MNA for more than a decade. Dorval & Chorne understands the unique financial opportunities and challenges of MNA nurses.
  • Guidance on your employer sponsored retirement plan (401(k), 403(b), etc.) along with a better understanding of how it fits into your overall plan.
  • How to incorporate the MNA Twin Cities pension into your retirement planning and maximize this very important benefit based on your unique circumstances.
  • For members who want to create a comprehensive guide for their financial future, Dorval & Chorne will design a plan to direct the decision making process in working toward accomplishing each member’s unique personal goals  – program planning is modeled on the Certified Financial Planner™ Process (see below for details).  A separate agreement will be required for each member that goes through the financial planning process but there will be no planning fee for nurses who decide to utilize this valuable service.

How to schedule a meeting:

We are accessible to all members by phone, email and one-on-one meetings.  If you would like to schedule a time to sit down and meet with one of our advisors at our Maple Grove office, please contact Ellen Kvenild at (612) 436-3714 or  Scheduling via email is easier if you can provide us with the following information in your initial meeting inquiry:

  • Provide some dates and times that work well for you to meet. Dorval & Chorne will do their best to accommodate your schedule and will let you know if your preferred dates and times are already filled. Meetings are often available within a week or two of your inquiry. 
  • Name of Employer/Hospital

Keep in mind that Dorval & Chorne also offers meetings via remote video conferencing for those RNs that may not be able to easily make it to Maple Grove. Ellen is the primary point of contact for scheduling a meeting date and time, but be aware you may receive follow up (email or return phone call) from any of the Dorval & Chorne team members, especially when Ellen is unavailable. 

Meet the Team:


Daniel Dorval, Keagan Kinsella, John Chorne, Ellen Kvenild, Lauren Riley


Find additional information about the MNA Wellness program by visiting MNA website HERE

Have additional questions?  Check the FAQ HERE or give us a call!